Gavin Francis:  doctor & writer

Contributes to:  

London Review of Books

New York Review of Books


Author of:

Recovery - The Lost Art of Convalescence (2022)

Intensive Care - A GP, a Community, & a Pandemic (2021)

Island Dreams - Mapping an Obsession (2020)

Shapeshifters - On Medicine & Human Change (2018)

Shapeshifters - A Journey Through the Changing Human Body (US - 2018)

* A Sunday Times Book of the Year*

*A Scotsman Book of the Year*

Adventures in Human Being (UK & USA 2015)

*Winner of Saltire Non-Fiction Book of the Year*

*Winner BMA Book Awards - Category: Basis of Medicine*

*Economist Books of the Year 2015*

*Sunday Times Books of the Year 2015*

*Sunday Herald Books of the Year 2015*

*Observer - Science Book of the Year 2015*

*Times Books of the Year 2015*

Book of the Week, BBC Radio 4, June 2015

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Empire Antarctica: Ice, Silence & Emperor Penguins (2012)

Scottish Book of the Year 2013, shortlisted for Costa, Banff, Saltire & Ondaatje Awards

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True North: Travels in Arctic Europe (2008, 2012)

True North cover vsmall

 Page 1 animation: Empire Antarctica - Scottish Book Awards